Death In The Desert

by Ocean Of Ghosts

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The story of a man who lay dying at the end of the world.

Album download includes .pdf of original short story by Derik Roof.


released March 15, 2015

All music, vocals, and arrangements by Forrest Cutrer.
Spoken word on track 4 by Gavin McClure.
Lyrics on track 4 written by Derik Roof
Concept and prose by Derik Roof

Thanks to God's Cab




Ocean Of Ghosts Bronx, New York

Based in New York City, Ocean Of Ghosts is a the solo experimental doom project of Forrest Cutrer with heavy ambient and drone influences.

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Track Name: A Very Serious Man
Laid to waste in the dirt. Eyes turned upward to meet my creator. Curse this day. Black blood black earth. Spit forth flames. No rain no rain. Agony, sorrow, clarity, failure. God smiles down on me, burning my heart. I know my coward's out there waiting in oblivion. Darkness grips us soon, tied in Armageddon. This world will crumble to seek his demise. My failure will be forgotten but not by those who have failed me. In the dead of night he waits as the sun rises he dies in the dead of night he waits as the horses ride he dies.
Track Name: The Search
This prison under the sun. Waiting to unfurl my wings only to be snubbed out like an old cigarette. We are all just dirt blowing in the wind. Sinners at best praying for the end. This bullet in my belly bleeding me dry.
Track Name: Shot Down By A Coward
Shot down in dry earth, laid to a river bed. They shot me after the war had already ended, on the eve of Armageddon.

I laid here on my back and watched the sun come up real slow. It lit up the air and the sand and held it all in a frozen heat. I knew it wouldn't go down. Today as the day he'd scorch the sky and I just have to hold for it. I just have to see it. I'd smile and I'd cry and I'd die with everything else.

I'd just head back up the river bed. The mountain's base would hold my white porch. I'd sit on the porch there and I'd un-drink those drinks and I'd stay there and I'd live there and the sun I saw would rise and fall again and I'd be home.

I can't breathe. We all lay and writhe. We just have to hold now. Just hold for the end.

I'd been shot down by a coward. I knew I couldn't catch him, but had nothing else but to die.
I fell to my back and thought I should still be sleeping. I know my coward's out there.

When the golden air came u p low and cold, I woke and thought I'd stood. I laid there in fluttering eyelids tasting the sky stained in sun's prelude. It felt good and I thought I'd fluttered up with my eyelids.

The sun's light is a pinhole and my eye's light met it with the eye-light of humanity. We weep to cleanse it back, but it spreads faster.

It must be moments now. I held. God's closing. I held.
Track Name: A Death In The Desert
Death comes to all on this day. The Lord's hand smites this earth. This grave I have made for myself shall be my eternal resting place. Buried by soil and guilt heavy is this burden. May Heaven take me and cleanse my soul. May Heaven take me. Lying in the darkened earth, no soul around to hear my cries. I weep for all mankind and the stars weep for me, cry for me. My blood runs black. The red earth beneath my bones. The sky is on fire, my eyes fixed on the moon. I cannot breathe. I know my killer is out there. I cannot breathe. I know my coward is out there. Watching, waiting. The sun is setting. Watching, waiting. God's closing. Watching, waiting. I must hold.