Your Tears Are Made Of Blood

by Ocean Of Ghosts

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released July 21, 2013

All music written and performed by Forrest Cutrer and Ocean Of Ghosts

Many thanks go to LePou Plugins for taking the time to create free amp simulator plugins for musicians, as well as Signals Audio for creating God's Cab, which I used on this album.




Ocean Of Ghosts Bronx, New York

Based in New York City, Ocean Of Ghosts is a the solo experimental doom project of Forrest Cutrer with heavy ambient and drone influences.

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Track Name: Your Tears Are Made Of Blood
Cowardice fills my thoughts tonight
When words cut like wounds
She finds me in the darkest of places, crawling away
Screaming out to me (but only in my head)
I gather up the strength to stand and walk away
from the demons that torment
and the serpents that tempt
and the poisons that fill
and the ghosts that haunt
I had a dream last night
Where I woke up in a lake
My lungs were filled with water, my arms too cold to tread
She was on the bank, watching the sky
She was weeping, and the tears were blood.

Your tears are made of blood.